This summer, volunteer beekeepers, Natalie & David Stewart received a call that there was a swarm of bees in the community garden. The swarm of bees had split from our observation hive and we were lucky enough for a visitor to take notice, and capture the swarm on video. Click on this link to watch the video that was posted to Facebook.
The bees had settled on the branch of a plum tree located in the community gardens by the time the beekeepers arrived (see picture below). Bee suits were donned, and a new colony of bees was captured and added to our Sea View School Bee family. For more information on why honey bees swarm, click on this link:
The Hive is thriving and if this it winters well we will have twice the honey to harvest next fall!

Note* Honey Bees are generally not aggressive when swarming. There is no brood or honey to protect and they are much more interest in finding a new hive.